Choosing a Dancing Style

You’ve decided that you want to take dancing classes, but now you are having trouble deciding what style of dance you want to learn. What should you do? In the world of dance, there are hundreds of different styles, and no style is monolithic. Each one has its own substyles and categories. This can seem very overwhelming for a beginning dancer. However, don’t feel discouraged. Here are a few tips that can help you determine what style is right for you.

Try a Few Different Styles First

It’s difficult to know what style is best for you if you’ve never tried any. Look for a beginner’s dance class that takes you through a range of styles. These types of classes will not get into any complex dances for any one style, but will give you a taste of a few, so you can determine which you like best.

Think About Your Favorite Music

Ultimately, you want to choose a style that will be fun to dance and maybe you want the opportunity to dance outside of the classroom. If this is the case, think about your favorite types of music. Choosing a style that goes with this type of music will make dancing more fun and keep you motivated.

Partner Dancing or Solo?

Consider if you’re interested in dancing with a partner. This opens up a whole new world of organized dancing. Partner dancing can be incredibly rewarding and exhilarating, but it’s not for everyone.

Watch Some Dancing Videos

Because of the wonderful vastness of the Internet, you can find videos of virtually every dance style. Watch some videos and see which styles look most interesting and most fun for you.

Consider Your Physical Capabilities

Dancing is an intense physical activity, and some styles are more physically demanding than others. Though you can strengthen and train your body over time, you also should be realistic. If you have suffered serious injuries in the past to your legs, feet, or back, that may make some styles difficult and potentially dangerous. You should also consider your age when deciding on what styles are physically appropriate.

Check for What Styles are Available

Although there are hundreds or thousands of dancing styles in the world, there are few locations that offer more than a couple different styles in their classrooms. See what types of classes are available and that will help you make an informed choice.


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