Dancing: preventing Injury

Dancing is an intense physical activity, and depending on the style of dance can be as demanding as playing a competitive sport like football or basketball. Professional dancers are in incredible shape and have years of practice, and those are the only things that prevent them from suffering serious injury. When you begin dancing, it’s important that you take proper precautions, so that you don’t injure yourself. Take your time and be smart. Soon you’ll be able to dance as fast and skillfully as you want. In order to avoid injury, follow these important steps.

Find a Qualified Teacher

When you first start dancing, you should make sure you have a professional dancing teacher who can make sure that you are dancing safely and using proper technique. While YouTube can be a great place to learn a dance move here or there, you should never attempt to learn challenging and physically demanding dances from YouTube, especially if you’re new to dancing.

Always Warm Up and Stretch

When you dance, you are engaging your muscles in quick and intense bursts. This can be very dangerous if your muscles are cold and inflexible. To prevent injuries, you should always start with a light warm up and then spend a few minutes getting properly stretched.

Be Honest About Your Limits and Skill Level

When you first start dancing, you may be attracted to the most difficult dances and the flashiest movies; however, it’s important that you don’t try too much too soon. Practicing the simpler steps will help you learn the basics, so that you can perform the more complicated ones safely. Gradually learning harder dances will also train your body, so that in time it’s ready for the more demanding dances.

Don’t Dance Through Pain

If your body is in serious pain, listen to it. Don’t try to tough it out and dance. The pain is a signal to your brain that something isn’t working correctly and something is wrong. If you ignore that signal, you could cause even greater injuries.

Pay Attention to Form and Technique

When you start, you don’t have to dance absolutely perfectly, but you should pay close attention to your form and posture. Using proper technique prevents you from overworking or straining different muscles. When you dance appropriately, you will have better balance and your muscles will be working in harmony instead of opposition to each other.

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