Dance is The Hidden Language Of the soul of the body

Swan Lake

Dancing Makes You Smarter

There are many different reasons why one may start dancing regularly or enroll in a dance class. You may be looking for a new form of exercise or maybe you are trying to impress or please your partner. Perhaps you’ve always loved dancing, but just never had the time before. One reason you will rarely […]

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Learn to dance - it is never too late

Learn to Dance: It’s Never Too Late

Every dance instructor has been asked by someone, and usually multiple people, if it’s too late to dance. Some people who desperately want to learn how to dance well, or even professionally, use their age as an excuse to never get started. The truth is—it’s never too late to learn to dance! There are so […]

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Tango - most famous partner dance

Choosing a Dancing Style

You’ve decided that you want to take dancing classes, but now you are having trouble deciding what style of dance you want to learn. What should you do? In the world of dance, there are hundreds of different styles, and no style is monolithic. Each one has its own substyles and categories. This can seem […]

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Stay safe when dancing

Dancing: preventing Injury

Dancing is an intense physical activity, and depending on the style of dance can be as demanding as playing a competitive sport like football or basketball. Professional dancers are in incredible shape and have years of practice, and those are the only things that prevent them from suffering serious injury. When you begin dancing, it’s […]

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Dance is healing

The Health Benefits of Dancing

Those looking to incorporate healthy exercise routines into their daily life look into several different areas. Some focus on weight lifting or cardio activities. Others try to attend yoga sessions or participate in competitive sports. However, one of the best physical activities you can do is dancing, and regular dancing sessions or dancing practice can […]

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Ballet shoes

Dance Gear: What Do You Need?

Compared to other hobbies and some sports, dancing can be much easier to begin and less expensive to get started. That being said, you will still need to buy some gear and other items and bring them with you when you start going to dancing class. Here are some of the essentials. Dancing Shoes As […]

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Joaquín Cortes. En la obra Calé. Photo of Stephanie Pistel

Five Most Popular Dancers of the 21st Century

Though some people like to proclaim that dancing is dead, that is clearly not the case. While it is true that the ballet has become less important culturally as it was in the past, professional dancing remains a huge part of American culture and media. TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and […]

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Anna Pavlova in The Dumb Girl of Portici

Five Famous Dance Stars of the Past

One of the great things about dancing is the rich history it has. All types of dance have folk heroes and amazing talents who once graced the dance floor and can be role models and inspirations to both beginners and veterans. If you are beginning your dance journey, you probably became interested after seeing an […]

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Wayne McGregor | Random Dance: Atomos in Moscow. Courtesy of British Council Russia

Five Modern Dance Choreographers

There are few things you can watch that are as moving as beautifully choreographed modern dance. All across the world there are many young choreographers who are creating amazing works of art that blend different styles, techniques, and themes together into a cohesive whole. To create these poignant dance numbers, a person must be very […]

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