Five Modern Dance Choreographers

There are few things you can watch that are as moving as beautifully choreographed modern dance. All across the world there are many young choreographers who are creating amazing works of art that blend different styles, techniques, and themes together into a cohesive whole. To create these poignant dance numbers, a person must be very technically skilled himself so that he can properly teach the dance to others, and he must have the ability to weave a tale and communicate emotions through dance. Check out this list of five modern dance choreographers who are taking the world by storm

Edwaard Liang

This 37-year-old Taiwanese American is becoming a popular choreographer across the world. His dances are known for their poetic and expressive qualities. Originally a ballet dancer with the Marin Ballet, Liang has produced choreography for many ballet companies including New York City, Washington, San Francisco, and Joffrey in Chicago.

Wayne McGregor

McGregor is an innovative choreographer who continues to try new things and find great success. In addition to his work with ballet companies, he has produced choreography for electronic artists, composers, and even movies. His choreography has been known to incorporate unique elements such as animation and 3D images. He has been the resident choreographer of the Royal Ballet for almost ten years and has also produced works for many ballet companies including San Francisco, Stuttgart, and Australia.

Justin Peck

Justin Peck is a fast-rising star in American dance. Though he is still quite young, he has choreographed ballets for the LA Dance Project, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the Miami City Ballet. He has produced seven works for the New York City Ballet where he recently became the resident choreographer.

Ben Wright

First becoming famous as the prince in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Ben Wright is now more famous for his work as a choreographer who has worked in ballet, opera, and theater. He has produced choreography for Glyndebourne, Garsington, and Malmo Operas. You can even catch some of his work in the West End in London.

Kyle Hanagami

Though you may not have seen his name on any playbills or production credits, Kyle Hanagami has an adoring fan base of millions—and they’re all on YouTube. Hanagami is one of the website’s biggest dancing stars and produces choreography for all of his own videos. In addition to his own work, he has choreographed numbers for high profile dancing tours across the United States.


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